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april 2021 visit to salaga

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Project Type: Community

Unity Fun Club- Abaasa

This organization sent HBC an email requesting assistance and they had heard about some of the other projects we were doing in the country. Their priorities are: 1) provide 30 desks to Presbyterian Basic School – Gomoa Abaasa No. 1; 2) give rice, beans, and sugar to Osamkrom Camp Prison; 3) install an electrical meter box for Presbyterian Basic School – Gomoa Abaasa No. 1’s Computer Lab. All of these requests were fulfilled to complete the 1st phase. To view a full report of our work, click HERE.

this is a youth and young adult organization committed to assisting with addressing needs in their community,

projects completed/in progress

HBC’s CEO (LaMont “Montee” Evans) and Ghana Country Director (Francis Osei Sarpong) had a chance to visit and present dual desks built for students at Presbyteria Basic School – Gomoa Abaasa No. 1 in January 2020.

HBC’s Ghana Country Director (Francis Osei Sarpong), in partnership with Unity Fun Club – Abaasa presented food items (i.e. sugar, beans and rice) to the Osamkrom Prison in February 2020.

We want to take this time to thank the following individuals for their donation to purchase Dual Desks for students.

Dual Desk 1-3/34
Donated by Loving Princess #308 OES – Tampa, FL
(USA – Florida)

Dual Desk 4/34
Donated by Sister Linda Stevens (USA – Mississippi)

Dual Desk 5/34
Donated by Sister Trellis Astin Johnson
(USA – Georgia)

Dual Desk 6/34
Donated by Star of Georgia #378 – PHA, OES
(USA – Georgia)

Dual Desk 7/34
Donated by Angela McCrae (USA – New York)

Dual Desk 8/34
Donated by Sister LaTonya McKinney
(USA – Tennessee)

Dual Desk 9/34
Donated by Jamari’s Safe Haven, Inc.
(USA – Florida)

Dual Desk 10/34
Donated by Illustrious Darryl Wingate, 33°
(USA – Florida)

Dual Desk 11/34
Donated by Sister Delores Summers
(USA South Carolina)

Dual Desk 12/34
Donated by Henry T, Williams & Hy’Keim Williams
(USA – Florida)

Dual Desk 13/34
Donated by R.I.P Sister LaSonya Thomas
(USA – Tennessee)

Dual Desk 14/34
Donated by Women of Distinction #53
(USA -Mississippi)

Dual Desk 15/34
Donated by Sister Martina Durham
(USA – South Carolina)

Dual Desk 16/31
Donated by Prayer-Up Prayer Line, TPA
(USA – Florida)

Dual Desk 17/31
Donated by Sister Dorothy Jones (USA – Mississippi)

Dual Desk 18/31
Donated by Sister Valarie T. Martin
(USA – Florida)

Dual Desk 19/31
Donated by Sister Patricia Kinnard
(USA – Mississippi)

Dual Desk 20/34
Donated by Minister Kenneth G. Woods
(USA – Florida)

Dual Desk 21-22/34
Donated by Sister Regina Hunter
(USA – Florida)

Dual Desk 23/34
Donated by In Memory of Chike Time (Valerie T. Martin)
(USA – Florida)

Dual Desk 24/34
Donated by R.I.P Chike Tim (Aunt Gwen Tim)
(USA – Florida)

Dual Desk 25/34
Donated by Booze Count #1
(USA – Georgia)

Dual Desk 26-27/34
Donated by Rose of Seven Seals College 008
(USA – Georgia)

Dual Desk 28-29/34
Donated by Sunshine Seasoned Divas
(USA – Florida)

Dual Desk 30/34
Donated by Queen Odyssey #773
(USA – Georgia)

$55,786 Raised

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