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2019 Visit to Ghana

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we have the power to repair and restore some of the damage done to Africa.

It was February 2019 when HBC’s President/CEO LaMont “Montee” Evans visited Ghana, West Africa for the 11th time and met with Honorable Kojo Asemanyi, a Ghanaian Politician and Member of the Seventh Parliament of the Fourth Republic of Ghana who represents the Gomoa East Constituency in the Central Region.

During this visit, Honorable Asemanyi took Evans on a tour of the areas he represents and showed several schools and areas needing support; Takyiam District Assembly Basic School, In God Vocational Center, and Potsin T.I. Ahmadiyyah Senior High School. As a result, and over the course of visiting several more times in 2020, HBC identied 10 projects to assist in providing support and resources to.

For 14 years now, HBC has supported projects and initiatives in the country and with the February 2019 visit, HBC recommitted itself to do more. Given the various Regions of the country HBC has worked in and the many projects it has funded or supported since 2006, there was a need to develop an umbrella initiative whereby individuals, businesses, organizations and government could funnel resources through without feeling as if their monies were going more towards administrative costs and little to the projects.

Hence, the iPromised Ghana Project (formerly Nyansapo Projectwas birthed in April 2019 to capture the projects HBC received requests for support. Below you will find a brief description about each project along with a link to learn more and make a donation. Donations can be made via CashApp, Paypal, SunTrust (now Truist) Bank Direct Deposit at a Branch near you or by mailing a check to HBC (964 Ralph D. Abernathy, SW – Suite C12 • Atlanta, Georgia 30310).

iPromisedGhana priorities

Here are the top 10 projects we have focused on for 2020 or until they have been completed funded/supported. Should you be interested in knowing more about a specific project, please click the link below its name to learn more and make a donation.

All Souls Anglican Basic School A & B

This school needs dual desks, cupboards for teachers to put their books and store items in for classroom learning purposes. A Biofill Disgester has to be built to support the toilet and allow children to be safe and close when easing themselves. 

Centre for Poplar Education & Human Rights Ghana

The non governmental organization (NGO) needs their website redesigned to assist them in raising funding for projects and programs. The organization also partners with HBC to identify resources to help them grow.

In God Vocational Training & Technical Center

This school needs 28 sewing machines for young ladies/men who are studying Dress Making and preparing for entrepreneurship upon graduation. There is also repair needed for the classrooms, the current roofing leaks when it rains.

Kakraba Sunday Stars Football Club

HBC and Corporate Kicks, Inc. sponsored soccer boots (shoes), volunteer service t-shirts along with the overall costs to host the 2019 Kakraba Football Tournament. The winning team is obligated to perform community service at least one to three times in the year.

La Anglican KG, Primary & Junior Secondary School

This school has 89 children who need uniforms and shoes to wear. Their current uniforms are terribly worn and contribute to low self esteem. Parents are not able to assist at this time.

Methodist Girls Senior Secondary High School

This all girls school needs 86 pairs of sandals, Drum Set for Cadet Team and Malaria Kits, Medicine and Prescriptions to treat those who may come in contact with Malaria during the school year.

Potsin T.I. Ahmadyyah Senior High School

This school needs a website to market and promote themselves as well as assist in raising awareness about the need for a generator to serve as a backup when the school losing electricity.

Read-a-Book Foundation - Cape Coast

This organization is building a library of children’s books to assist children, youth and young adults in the village to improve their reading skills. This would assist them to increase childhood literacy.

Takyiam District Assembly Basic School

This school needs dual desks for children to sit in, 10 desktop computers, and three laptop computers as well as 640 textbooks. Currently, some children are sitting on the floor for classes. A small building for a computer lab is also being requested.

Unity Fun Club (Abaasa) - Central Region

This organization has partnered with HBC to provide desks to a community school, food to prisoners, and connect electricity to a classroom that will serve as a computer lab for the students attending classes.

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