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Here are the projects we have successfully completed/supported. Should you be interested in knowing more about a specific project and know the sponsors as well as those who supported us, please click the link below its name to learn more and make a donation.

Centre for Poplar Education & Human Rights Ghana

This non governmental organization (NGO) needed their website redesigned to assist in raising funding for projects and programs. The organization also partners with HBC to identify resources to help them grow. COMPLETED

Kakraba Sunday Stars Football Club

HBC and Corporate Kicks, Inc. sponsored soccer boots (cleets), volunteer service t-shirts along with the overall costs to host the 2019 Kakraba Football Tournament. The winning team is obligated to perform community service at least one to three times in the year. COMPLETED

Potsin T.I. Ahmadyyah Senior High School

Potsin T.I. Admadyyah Senior High School needed a website to market and promote themselves. This site would also assist them in registering students online and allow for other online functions.  COMPLETED

ZION "B" JHS (KAKRABA) - Central Region

Zion African Methodist Episcopal “B” Junior High School requested 30 desks to assist the school in providing seating to the expanded population of students that they have experienced. COMPLETED

$55,786 Raised

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